Updates on AddThis support for OExchange

Announced last week, we’re pleased to be leading the development of an open protocol for content sharing on the web, OExchange. We’re also actively working OExchange support into our products in a number of ways.  Here’s an update on a few of them.

OExchange-compliant proxy endpoints.

The AddThis Sharing Endpoints are themselves OExchange Offer endpoints. In other words, you can use our back-end to send content to any service that AddThis is integrated with, just by using a service-named endpoint like this:<service>/offer?url=

This means AddThis makes almost 300 different services on the web into fully compliant OExchange targets!

Read more about this in the API documentation.

Discovery and tagged pages.

AddThis now also supports discovery for its proxy endpoints via the host and each of the service detail pages on our website. Any tool that supports OExchange Discovery will be able to locate our proxy endpoints and share to the underlying services automatically.

For example, the Target XRD for the Facebook endpoint is available at This pattern holds for every other service we support, or even our menu endpoint.

With these capabilities taken together, AddThis servers can act as full-service proxies for OExchange transactions on the web!

Dynamic discovery of new services.

This is the most notable area where we’ll be adding extensive support to our products as we move forward. Our Service Directory has long accepted OExchange-compliant endpoints in it service-submission process. We are moving aggressively to support fully automatic discovery of new sharing endpoints, to first smooth the process of submitting new services, then to avoid the process altogether. This is an area where there will be many changes as we go forward, and we will update them here.

We are excited about the potential that OExchange and the related specifications has for making the web a more dynamic place, and are glad to be working with partners to make the vision a reality. Please drop us a line here or in the forum if you have any questions at all.