Attract More Facebook and Twitter Followers with AddThis Follow

Today, we’re announcing AddThis Follow, a new experiment in AddThis Labs. This makes it easier for your users to find and follow your profiles on social networks and social media sites, by putting all of those links in one widget on your website. AddThis Follow currently supports profiles for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Buzz, YouTube, Flickr, and RSS.

Additionally, with AddThis Follow, you’ll be able to track how often people are clicking from your site over to your different profiles. This data is reported back to you through your normal AddThis analytics console.

We’re always looking at ways that we can help to deepen the relationship between end users and publishers. These social media sites give publishers a solid medium for distributing content to users, which drives more traffic. We hope that AddThis Follow will help to make creating those connections easier.

We’d greatly appreciate your feedback and insights about AddThis Follow. Don’t hesitate to e-mail me personally. –