3 Tips for Getting the Most out of AddThis

1. Use the Personalized AddThis Toolbox

Based on our tests, the AddThis Toolbox – the share button with icons for specific services – sees the most sharing (about 40% more). And the best part is that these icons are completely personalized to each user based on where users have previously shared with AddThis. Get the personalized AddThis Toolbox for your site. It’s the first option under “Select your style” on AddThis.com.

2. Enable Clickback Analytics to Measure Viral Traffic

One of the great parts about enabling your users to share content, is that shared content drives viral traffic back to your website. Months ago, we released a feature called clickback analytics that tells you just how much traffic you’re getting from AddThis sharing. You can turn on clickback analytics with one line of code.

3. Regularly optimize your content using AddThis Analytics

Make sure that you’re checking your AddThis Analytics on a regular basis. It gives you great insights into what content is resonating with your users and where your users are sharing your content online. Looking for other ways to get your AddThis Analytics? We are integrated with Google Analytics, you can grab your analytics via an API, and you can even access them from your iPhone.

And…stay tuned. We’re going to be announcing some exciting updates to AddThis Analytics soon. :-)