AddThis at WordCamp NYC

Hi! I’m Aaron Jorbin, the newest member of the AddThis team. I joined a little over a week ago as a web developer and am loving every moment so far. One of my areas of expertise is WordPress and as such I’m going to be speaking at WordCamp NYC this weekend.

If you’re in the New York City area and at all interested in WordPress or publishing on the web, this is going to be a great event. The speakers list is filled with talented writers, developers, designers and system experts. It’s also pretty hard to beat the price of $30 for a 2 day conference.

I’m going to be speaking (both in the lightning sessions and in a longer developer session) on documentation and help. By the end of this speech, I hope that all developers will be able to improve in the only valid measurement of code quality and will also gain some understanding as to how they can help their users by producing some basic user documentation. It’s going to be a developer oriented speech, but the lightning speech should be entertaining and informative for everyone.

Also while I’m there, I would love to chat about AddThis and how we make it easier for publishers to have their content shared across the entire web. You can follow my tweets, where it’s likely that I’ll say what I’m wearing to make it easier to find me.

See you in New York!

(Photo by Tony the Misfit)