My First Day at Clearspring

Hello! My name is Kori Hill and today is my first day as a Community Manager at Clearspring.

So far everyone has been very welcoming, but of course, a special shout out to Justin Thorp, my community manager mentor! He’s been awesome and I’m highly impressed by how well he’s managed such a big and important job by himself for so long! I only hope to continue on with the excellent example he has set.

I have spent most of my day getting up to speed on the awesome AddThis platform and learning all the various ways we reach out to customers to make sure you are getting the best experience possible! Even though I’ve been using social media tools for years now, every day it still amazes me the power they have and the channels they open for getting in touch with the people who matter.

Speaking of the people who matter, I very much look forward to interacting with all of you — whether it be on the blog, in the forums or some shout outs on Twitter. (follow me:

Please feel free to ask me any questions you like! I’m always available here –