Tip: Personalize Your AddThis Sharing

One of my favorite and less known features of AddThis sharing is that it’s personalized. AddThis shows the services that users individually care about. If they’re in China, we’ll promote QZone because that’s probably where people will want to share. If a user previously shared to Yammer, we’ll show Yammer again because that user will probably want to share there again. You get the idea.

Everyone who comes to your website is different. They have different interests. They have different friends. They have different places that they congregate online. With AddThis, we recognize those differences and want to cater to them.

From the beginning, we’ve maintained the philosophy that AddThis needs to make it easy to share anywhere, regardless of whether an online community has 50 or 500,000,000 users. To this end, we support sharing to over 300 online services, then make it easy to discover and remember your favorites through personalization. And it works: when we flipped it on, we saw personalization increase sharing 20% across the board.

To make sure that you’re taking advantage of AddThis sharing personalization, just grab the code for the default set of sharing icons from the AddThis home page.