3 Tips For Getting the Most Shares

An important thing many AddThis users don’t realize is the impact of button placement and implementation. Something as simple as placing a share function at the top of an article instead of the bottom could mean the difference between 100 shares and 1000 shares. So, here are three tips for getting the most shares out of your AddThis implementation:

1.) Put your share button high on the page.
The more noticeable your button is, the more people will use it to share with their friends, which in turn will lead to more traffic. Put it right in front of their faces and don’t make them scroll to find it.

2.) Use the AddThis toolbox or share counter.
Even the type of button you place on your site has a great effect on how much your content gets shared. Our research has shown that the AddThis Toolbox performs four times better than the stand-alone share button. And our new share counter is quickly showing to be a top notch performer as well. We encourage users to keep up with our latest offerings so the experience remains fresh.

3.) Reduce the number of clicks it takes to share.
Another great way to see more activity is by lessening the number of clicks it takes a user to share your content. For example, using the AddThis popup window instead of making your users have to click and open a service list window. Less work equals more shares!

To get a more visual idea, here are some examples of excellent AddThis implementations (click images for larger version):


Answers.com has great toolbox placement at the top of their homepage with the popup.


ABC News has a great customized share bar across the top of their articles with a “more” button.


Gaming site IGN.com has another great custom implementation with a pop-out window when you hover over the AddThis logo.

We are certain if you take these tips into consideration, you will see a spike in sharing. If you do makes changes to your implementation, please send us your success story. We love hearing from you and maybe you’ll end up featured on the AddThis blog!