Designing for One Billion People – Refresh DC

Last night I had the opportunity to present a talk at Refresh DC titled “Designing for One Billion People.” It was an honor to present some of the amazing work the AddThis design and development teams have undertaken in the last two years, as we’ve grown the platform to over one billion users.

I touched on five strategies for designing to grow quickly:

  • Designing for growth: put customers first, establish a style and stick with it, keep a creative team as small as possible, iterate often and fail quickly.
  • Being “dangerously open”: embrace open standards, transparency, and empowering your customers to help you build your product.
  • Being data-informed: measure and test as much as possible, and use that information to inform product, design and business decisions.
  • Building to scale: Utilize a CDN, optimize code as well as images, and don’t forget to scale technical support and QA
  • Embracing customers: Listen to customers and engage them directly; put social media to work as a feedback cycle, not just a marketing channel; embrace beta-testing and empower developers who want to build tools for you.

Here are the slides from the talk.

AddThis: Designing for One Billion People – RefreshDC