3 Reasons To Keep Checking AddThis Analytics

Analytics are a huge and integral part of the AddThis sharing platform. We highly encourage our users to not only place an AddThis button on their site, but to register an account and closely follow their share activity. Here are the reasons why.

1. Know exactly what content is being shared and how many times
When someone takes the time to share a piece of content, most likely that means they have found some sort of extra value in it. When a certain piece of content gets shared many times, there must be something special about it! This is very important for publishers — knowing what sort of content is really resonating with their user base and what to offer them in the future.

2. Know where your content is being shared
The breakdown of the most popular services shared to by people on a site is a great way to get more insight into a community and the places they like to gather on the web.

3. Know what content is sending traffic back to your site through sharing
Not only can you see what is being shared and where, but the data also shows the the amount of traffic you are getting back from those shares through our clickback analytics. This is a great way to see what content makes people click – what type of stories are people most interested in?

What are the most attention-grabbing headlines?

Tracking these trends is a great way to capitalize on what content is viral for you and what your users get really excited to share with their friends.

And that’s not all. Exciting new analytics features coming soon.