16 New Places to Share with AddThis

We are excited to announce the release of more services to the AddThis share menu. Joining the ranks are Adfy, EFactor, Fashionlista, Fashion BURNER,, NewsMeBack, OnGoBee, RideFix, Select2Gether, ShirIntar, SpinSnap, XING, Yemle, Yuuby, ZicZac, and Zootool.

As the social web is always evolving, we’re committed to making it easy share content everywhere online and are adding new places to share (services) as quickly as we can.
For those of you waiting to get your service approved, so that you will be listed in AddThis, we appreciate your patience. We’re working to get through the queue as fast as we can.

If you have any questions or concerns, we’re always listening. –