New AddThis Analytics, Now With Audience Interests

Today, I have the pleasure of unveiling the completely redesigned AddThis Analytics, now with audience interests. This new suite of tools not only tells you what users have shared and how many clicks those shares have driven, but also shows you the topics that interest your sharers, influencers and clickers the most. Interests are displayed by levels of intensity versus a binary, “like” or don’t like.

Having a window into the interests of the people who share on a site is invaluable. By better understanding what influencers care about, you can optimize content to drive more sharing and – ultimately – traffic back to your site from social media properties. Everything is available immediately and can be viewed within your AddThis Analytics.

The technology underlying these new features is called the Implicit Interest Graph. Utilizing our reach of 1 billion unique users monthly and a powerful real-time data processing engine, we’ve created a digital map of the connection between people and the things they care about most.

The new AddThis Analytics is the first of many products we plan to release, leveraging our scale and this new technology, to give more value back to our publisher network. We’re excited about this release and the possibilities ahead.

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