Clearspring Named One of the 2011 OnMedia 100 Top Private Companies

(Originally posted on the Clearspring blog.)

We’re pleased to announce that Clearspring has been named one of the 2011 OnMedia 100 Top Private Companies by AlwaysOn. It’s an honor to be included alongside so many other great companies, such as Groupon and Tumblr, that are driving the future of the social web.

We want to thank all the publishers, service providers, and advertisers that have driven the tremendous growth of the AddThis network for making this possible. Together, we’re making great strides to better connect publishers, advertisers and service providers with the audiences on the Social Web.

Finally thanks to the AlwaysOn team for recognizing our hard work over all these years. We have consistently been recognized as a leader in social media:

Come visit us at OnMedia NYC on Feb 1st where we will be speaking alongside advertising pioneers Joe Zawadski (CEO MediaMath) and Brian O’Kelley (CEO AppNexus) discussing “How the Mathematicians and Rocket Scientists took over the Advertising Industry”.

Stay tuned for more announcements – 2011 is going to be an exciting year!