Facebook Share Changes and Your AddThis Implementation

Since Mashable reported that Facebook is officially moving away from “Share” and consistently using the “Like” buttons and language, there have been questions about what this means for current implementations of AddThis, as well as the Like code we offer. Here’s the quick rundown:

If you are using any version of our share menus, the Facebook option will stay the same, there is no code change necessary.

If you are using Facebook Like, it’s not required that you make any changes but we highly recommend optimizing the code to take advantage of the new functionality, which allows you to show a more robust preview of the content in the Facebook newsfeed. Previously a “like” had only a small line of real estate in a user’s newsfeed, but now it will act like a share, allowing you to display not only the article title, but its description, any images it contains and even flash video.

Displaying more information about your share is done through meta tags which are listed on our site (and also defined in Facebook’s Open Graph Protocol). Here is a list of options, based on what type of content you are sharing and what information you’d like to display. At the very least, we recommend using the title and description tags, and of course, add the others where necessary:

<meta property=“og:title” content=“AddThis Tour” />
<meta property=“og:description” content=“Watch the AddThis Tour video.” />
<meta property=“og:image” content=“” />
<meta property=“og:video” content=“” />
<meta property=“og:video:width” content=“560” />
<meta property=“og:video:height” content=“340” />
<meta property=“og:video:type” content=“application/x-shockwave-flash” />

If you have any questions or opinions on the Facebook Like feature, please feel free to post in the comments or email us!

To get the Facebook Like button for your site, grab the code here.

  • omotayo

    How does this affect me?

  • AVA

    yep! it is working :))

  • @Omotayo, as we mentioned in the post, there’s nothing that you need to do. Just recommend that you put the Facebook Open Graph tags on your page.

  • Sorry silly questions

    Do we add this code into the HTML addthis code that creates the sharing button itself or as say a footer code on the site?

    Second question

    Can I use a addthis sharing button but have it so if someone hit’s like button they become a fan of my facebook fan page?

    So a facebook like button but with all the other social networks sharing options too?

    Keep thinking this would be great :)

    Thanks Addthis

  • i use share button
    do i have to use like button as well?

  • @Daniel, not sure I understand your first question. On the second question, the like button that we provide will allow someone to like the article. You’ll need a different one to like a “fan page.”

  • @Purpleflower – you don’t have to use the like button as well.

  • Matt H.

    Do you have rights to use Facebook logo?
    A’m I violating rules using this?

  • I added the “like” button as well as “twitter” and “share”. My problem is, that since I live in Denmark, the “like” button translates into “synes godt om”. Much more text than the English version, and part of the button is hidden behind the “twitter” button! How do I change the code, so the “like” button stays in English and doesn’t translate into Danish? I use Blogger…

  • @Matt, it’s perfectly okay for you to use the Facebook logo through to facilitate sharing of article to Facebook.

  • When i click on the Facebook-icon a new window opens and instead of displaying the content it says ‘No title’. Could somebody explain this? Because it doesn’t seem right. I have the same problem with the newsmessages on my website. When i try to share them via AddThis Facebook. The other buttons (LinkedIn, Hyves) are working perfectly. Only the Facebookbutton fails. Also on other newswebsites this problem occurs.

  • @Maresha, this is related to a problem described here. –

  • Using AddThis’s Like provision, I’ve not been able to get the Comment box to pop-up after the user clicks the Like as the Facebook implementations do. I think this is a really important part of the new Like functionality to replace Share and I was wondering if this is possible with AddThis’s code or something that’s being worked on?

  • I’m not really sure how – I didn’t do anything for sure – but the problem is fixed now!

  • And now I’m back again. The button is fixed now, so the Danish words isn’t hidden, but I would still really like to know, how I can change the code, so the “like” button stays in English and doesn’t translate into Danish? Help help…

  • The “like” button is still hidden behind the “twitter” button in the way, that the number of “likes” isn’t visible. Sorry for the impossible long danish translation of “like”!
    Is it possible to add only the facebook “like” button and not the “twitter” and “share”? Cause that would probably solve that problem…

  • expertio

    Any change needed in this change?

  • @Expertio, there’s nothing that you need to change.

  • Muhammad Atiq

    I want to share my trade information on my facebook and Twitter Wall and i use the website. so any one have any working example in php.

    M Atiq Software engineer

  • Thanks for posting the code to this going to try this out on my site.

  • Patrick

    We have integrated the Addthis facebook share button in our AEM site and we want to share the description from jcr:description node of the cq:page. But seems like this is not working!! any inputs pls??

  • We’d be happy to help you figure this out. Mind sending us an email with your URL?

  • Rowdy Akash Bajpai

    Hi please help i am searching from past two days but didnt find any solution to add title on Facebook sharing . I have added title which is reflecting for twitter and email but not for facebook.

    addthis_share.title = ‘;text to display’;

    addthis_share.description = ‘text to display’;

    addthis.update(‘share’,’title’, ‘text to display’);

    addthis.update(‘share’,’title’,’text to display’ );

    i am using this ! please help its urgent for me.

  • Hi there! Facebook uses Open Graph tags to know what title should be displayed. You need to set the og:title meta tag on the page that’s being shared. Here’s a support article for more info on Open Graph tags:

  • Rowdy Akash Bajpai

    Hi Dear thanx for your reply! but i tried the same too. But i didnt get title or description on facebook sharing ! I am sending request on clicking of icon fb in ajax and popup loads without title! please provide a solid solution . Help needed!

  • Sorry to hear you’re still having problems. Would you mind please sending an email to with these details? We’ll then be able to do a deeper dive into the problem and help you with a possible fix. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Where should I add the meta tags ?

  • You should add the meta tags anywhere within the part of your code.

  • vinaykumar thalla

    The above solution works fine If I have a single video on my page. What if I have multiple videos and want to share individual videos. Is there a way to dynamically change the og tag content, so that facebook will find the updated og tags content. Please suggest ..

  • There wouldn’t be a way to dynamically update the meta tags. Facebook’s scraper visits the URL of the site that we pass to them and then they extract meta tags from that URL. This means that you would essentially need a separate URL for each video you wanted to share.