AddThis a Top 50 Publisher Tool

In a recent study done by Lijit, AddThis was shown to be #6 in a list of the top 50 tools used by publishers. These included tools for analytics, social networking, micro-blogging, bookmarking, etc.

AddThis hung out at the top with the likes of Facebook, Google and Twitter.

Thanks to all the publishers and our wonderful community for using AddThis! We continually strive to make a great product and hope that you find it an integral part of your online social solutions.

  • Froggie Fresh Beats

    I’ve heard good things about Addthis..It really boosts rankings in google and increases popularity.

  • HT

    That’s Great Tool

  • Buy a New Computer

    Addthis is a great product that I also use on my site. However it would be super if all the elements of the app (mainly static) were optimized based on pagespeed recommendations.

  • adthis is awesome thank you very much!

  • I’m not surprised by this chart. Although there are quite a few tools like Add This, I find Add This very easy to use. I use it on my blogs.

  • Very impressive. Certainly the AddThis WordPress Plugin, combined with the analytics available, make AddThis the best sharing/bookmarking solution for WordPress.

  • @Buy a New Computer – Are you seeing slowness with specific elements? Let me know. –

  • spot on. amazing post. regards