New and Improved Blogger Integration for AddThis

It’s now easier then ever to integrate AddThis with Blogger. We have two different integration options to help make your Blogger site easier to share.

Add AddThis After Every Post

Adding AddThis to your posts is easy as one, two, three! Go to the Get AddThiss page, select Blogger, pick your favorite sharing widget and then click the ‘Install AddThis on Blogger’ button. It’s super simple and gives all of your site visitors the chance to share your content around the web.

Add AddThis to Your SideBar

AddThis is now a featured gadget in Blogger. From the design panel of your Blogger site, click “Add a Gadget” and check out the Featured gadgets. You’ll find the AddThis Sharing Gadget that with one click you can add to your site. There are a few options including the size of the sharing icons and whether you want a tweet button and a like button to also appear.

We are always looking to improve how we integrate with the tools you use to publish your content. Please comment here or head over to our forums if you have any suggestions for how we can make the experience even better for Blogger, WordPress, or our other publishing platform plug-ins.