AddThis for WordPress Reaches Over 300k Installs

We are excited to announce that the AddThis for WordPress plug-in has reached over 300k installs. Since launching our second version of the plug-in last month, there have been over 60k installs!

Not only do we want to thank all the users who downloaded the plug-in, but all those who took the time to give us their feedback. It definitely has been a group effort and for that we are truly grateful!

We’ve got some more features in the pipeline, but it’s you, the user, that will drive us forward, so please feel free to post in the comments any questions, comments, suggestions, or ideas you have regarding AddThis for WordPress.

  • AVA

    great job, like AddThis :)

  • Thanks AVA! We like you! :)

  • AddThis for WordPress is a very cool plugin, no wonder people use it like mad ;)

    Keep up the good work!

  • The Plugin (and service) is popular because it’s awesome. V2 is a significant improvement over v1.x. I love how easy it is to integrate into a WordPress Site and the ‘intelligence’ where the sharing/bookmarking services are customized for visitors rocks! Well done.

  • SleepyBoucanne0

    AddThis plugin for WordPress is a very nice
    you do good work!
    Thank you!

    AddThis pour WordPress est un plugin très sympathique
    vous faites du bon travail!


  • CJ

    Great job – Love it! Will eventually integrate into all of our WordPress sites. Thanks a bunch!

  • I´m using Addthis with Firefox 4. Sometimes Firefox goes slowly and in the task manager I can see “plugincontainer”. If I delete this process Firefox works normal.Is that possible Addthis is causing this?

  • @Werner, that definitely wouldn’t be us causing that.

  • I’m also using some of my sites. Highly recommended Addthis to anyone to install.