5 Best Practices for AddThis Sharing

We have the tips to help you get the most sharing and ultimately more traffic back to your site. Here at AddThis, we analyze and test different implementations, as well as provide you with personalized tools to help optimize each user’s experience.

First, make sure you have the latest version of AddThis and are registered for our analytics. Then follow this checklist:

  1. Pick a prominent position. Under or next to an article title or page header.
  2. Keep AddThis near the top of the page. OR double it up and provide another share button post-article. The lazy scroller ends up sharing!
  3. Place sharing near the content being shared. If it’s a video, increase sharing by placing the share on the player using our widget sharing.
  4. Don’t put sharing in the navigation. Not only is this mostly ineffective, it also is somewhat confusing. Is the user sharing only the page they are on or the whole website?
  5. Use service icons. We always recommend our toolbox implementation, as it is personalized to show users their favorite services. Plus, the service icons provide quick sharing with less clicks.

Check out our Help section for many other tips and much more guidance on using AddThis. From set-up to using our analytics to get insights to your audience, we have all your social needs.