Add a List of Top Shared Content to Your Site

We recently introduced our Content Feed API, which allows you to easily access RSS and JSON feeds of your top shared or clicked content. You can add these feeds to your site and widgets to encourage users to interact with your most interesting content!

We’ve now added a great tool for previewing what could be pulled into your content feed as well as an easy way to grab the code for displaying it on your site. Head over to the Content Feed API docs and check out the Configure Your Feed section (note: you must be logged into your AddThis account for this feature to work).

If you have more than one domain, choose the one you would like to configure. Then select the feed to display, a choice between Trending Content, Most Shared and Most Clicked. Finally, pick your time frame and then hit Generate Your Feed to see the preview populate! Below the preview, you’ll notice convenient code to grab as you please.

We strongly encourage you to implement a feed on your site using the Content Feed API. Displaying top content has proven to be a great way to recirculate traffic and keep users engaged, increasing their time spent on your site.

If you have any questions about implementing a content feed, please feel free to post in the comments, our technical support forum or email us. Also, if you’ve implemented anything on your site using our Content Feed API, we’d love to see it!