2 Ways to Optimize AddThis Performance

While we take great lengths to provide AddThis with top notch performance, we have a couple suggestions for anyone who wants to take extra measures to ensure the best page load time.

Asynchronous Loading
Normally, AddThis executes initialization code as soon as it arrives on the page. While we strive to make this as efficient as possible, load times of more important resources can be affected. To optimize load time, AddThis can be loaded asynchronously, such that no assets are loaded and only the most essential processing occurs. To read how to load AddThis asyncronously, check out our docs here.

Loading Without CSS
If desired, you can prevent our CSS from loading during the initialization sequence, allowing you to completely override our CSS without incurring the cost of an additional load. Go here to grab the code for loading without CSS.

We are always monitoring and improving the performance of AddThis, but please never hesitate to reach out to us (via forum or email) if you are noticing any sort of lag. It is a priority for us to make sure you are getting a smooth and seamless integration of our tool.