AddThis for End Users

AddThis isn’t just a tool for publishers and service providers. We also care about the end users – the people who are sharing and interacting with the content. Without the end users, service providers and publishers wouldn’t exist! And making things easier for end users benefits publishers as well since it promotes more sharing.

Here are some of the tools we provide to make the life of end users a little easier:

Browser Extensions: Browser extensions make sharing from any website you visit quick and easy.

Bookmarklet: The bookmarklet is a perfect tool to use if you don’t use one of the browsers that supports our extensions, or if you’d just prefer dragging a single Share button to your bookmarks bar instead of downloading a plug-in.

Personalization: Our personalization feature lets you customize your AddThis menu so whenever you see it anywhere across the web, your favorite services are rolled up to the top for quicker and easier sharing.

Mobile Web Optimization: We have special sharing tools for the mobile web to make it easier to use on a touch interface. No more fat finger mistakes!

We also support tools created by our community like the AddThis Opera extension. If you are a developer who loves to play with code, please feel free to use our API to create something awesome and we’d love to feature it here on the blog.