AddThis For WordPress 2.1.0

Recently we released version 2.1 of the AddThis WordPress plugin. There are a number of improvements that will make your experience as a publisher on WordPress even better. What are these great new features?

Custom Twitter Templates

While it has always been possible to modify the content of tweets with a small amount of code, we have made it easier to personalize the tweets from your site.

More Fine Grain Controls

Have a certain page that you don’t want to display AddThis on? No Problem. There is now a box on the create post and create page screens that will allow you to remove addthis from that specific post or page.

Since we don’t want to distract you by adding this box automatically, you need to enable it in the screen options which you can access from the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Updated Dashboard analytics

We’ve updated the dashboard analytics widget to now include your most shared and clicked urls for the last month. The social analytics on allow you to get more in depth reports, but the snapshot in your dashboard is now even more informative.

More Filters

We’ve included more filters so that developers can customize the plugin even more. Are you a developer that wants to build upon and improve the plugin? We’re listening and want to help.

All of these features came out of feedback that we received from you, the user. What features would you like to see in version 2.2? Head on over to our forums and let us know.