Social Data in Real-time with AddThis Live View

The future of data is real-time, and here at AddThis we are happy to say that the future is now.

The AddThis Live View is our first foray into presenting shares, clicks and even geographical data in real-time. You are now able to see where shares are being sent, as well as from which services traffic is returning to your site. You can even see live data from Address Bar sharing – visitors copying and pasting your URLs from their browser’s address bar into emails and IM conversations.

Using the Live View

There are several different ways to use your Live View report.

  1. As a feed, showing you the shares and clicks as they come in.
  2. Using our Scoreboard view, which rolls the content performing the best to the top of the list.
  3. In a stand alone window that pops out from your regular browser view.
  4. With the geographical map, which pops up shares and clicks in the region they occur! (Zoom in for even more accurate location.)


Share Your Live View with the Team

Why not let the whole team know what’s happening on your site? Some publishers are projecting their Live Views in their newsroom to give an up-to-the-minute view of what content is resonating with their users. Their teams can then make up-to-the-minute editorial decisions based on how their pages are being socialized.


Any feedback on the Live View? Ideas for views or data you’d like to see real-time? Please post in the comments or email us!