Making AddThis More Accessible

Most times when we announce a new feature or improvement, we invite you to take a look. This isn’t one of those times. Instead, this feature announcement is about listening and touching AddThis. We have updated our code to work better with keyboard navigation and screen readers. Now when you visit a site that is using AddThis, you can tab through all of the available sharing options. If you choose to see more options, you can easily filter the list of services and then tab to the one you like. We’ve also added focus styling so if you are navigating with a keyboard, you’ll have a better idea where you are. Also, if you are using a screen reader, you should properly hear the name of the service.

If you’re a publisher you might be asking yourself, “How do I make this available to my users?” It’s easy, we’ve enabled this for everyone. Your site’s visitors are now even more able to share whatever they like, wherever they like.

The key highlights of what we did:

  • Toolboxes are keyboard navable
  • Toolboxes are marked up so screen readers can use them all
  • The expanded menu is keyboard navable and closable with the esc key
  • Graphs and maps in analytics have alternatives for screen readers

At AddThis, all of our users are important to us and we believe it should be as easy as possible for users to share content from their favorite publishers. This is just one step in our continuous journey to make AddThis as great as we can. We have been able to get some feedback from Russell Heimlich and other accessibility experts to help make this happen. If you have ideas or suggestions on how we can give you a high quality experience with AddThis, please get in touch!