Viral Click Tracking for All

AddThis click tracking is a powerful feature that allows you to measure the amount of traffic and viral lift you get from social sharing. By appending a tag to your shared URLs we can tell you which social networks send you the most clicks and what content is most viral. Click tracking is hugely popular and has been deployed by over half of our users since launch a year ago.

Soon, we’ll be rolling out click tracking as a default feature for all users (you may already be using it). You don’t have to do anything to turn it on and you’ll start seeing click and viral lift data in your analytics dashboard. We’re going to use this data to provide you with more detailed traffic source reporting in the near future. Click tracking data is also used to optimize your content feeds which help recirculate traffic within your site.


To learn more about how click tracking works, including how to turn it off, take a look at the click tracking docs.

Happy sharing and please visit our forum if you have any questions.