Clearspring To The Races!

Cobra Kai Race Wagon with lights

Like any great company, Clearspring has a motorsports division that fields a racing team.  The Clearspring Motor Club team, Cobra Kai, ran its first race, the 2011 Capitol Offense at Summit Point Raceway in West Virginia a few weeks ago, ending up in 44th place of 102 runners.  Given that this was most of the team’s first experience with wheel-to-wheel racing, and we were driving a just-completed race wagon in its first race, this was a great result.  For those who don’t know, the 24 Hours of LeMons is a whimsical race series that begins with the premise of making racing, a notoriously expensive sport, relatively cheap and accessible.  The central rule is that all of the cars, sans safety equipment, are worth less than $500, which leads to lots of awful vehicles that you wouldn’t believe are roadworthy, much less could be driven on a racetrack for 14 hours.

Cobra Kai Race Wagon on track

This weekend we’re stepping things up a bit and participating in the Chump Car VIR 24, a bona-fide 24-hour, through-the-night race.  This is everyone’s first time doing night racing, which we have been informed is a harrowing experience of barely following the dark racetrack with never-sufficient lights.  So if you like racing, keep an eye on the Clearspring Motor Club blog, follow us on Twitter, or just check out the highlight video from our last race.  And if you are interested in working at a sweet company that has a race team (and more!), then head over to the Clearspring jobs page and see if there is something that fits the bill.

  • prefer the BMW cars

  • Well…it’s not a bad looking car. Not sure if it’s going to last though lol

  • Good finish 44th is nothing to laugh about in a lemons race, at least you were able to finish. I am trying to get a team together to do my first lemons/chump car race.

  • Well, I also like the BMW car, but I don’t have enough money to buy

  • I would love to track your future posts pertaining to the said topic we are able to read.