AddThis now supports sharing to Google+ via Google +1 Button

We are excited today to announce that AddThis now supports sharing to Google+ via the Google +1 button.  We know you have been asking us about sharing to Google+ and now this is possible with no changes to your code.

One-click Sharing

When a user clicks the +1 button they will now have a simple way to type a message and share to their Google+ profile.

Personal Annotations

One more important change you will start seeing with your +1 button today is personal annotations.  When users hover over the button they will see which of their friends have +1’d the same content.  If you want to show those annotations in-line we have an API to support that.

Learn how to get +1 for your website by visiting the +1 features page.

  • I’m really intrigued to learn more about AddThis! i’ve subscribed to find out more, but are you just a source of analytics or do you share any info (like my posts) to the social media world?

    – tork

  • gr8 addition. gud job guys! :)

  • YES!

  • great, i was looking for its release so that i can use it on my site

  • nice good job :)

  • AddThis is the best ever…. can you make it the plugin to be at the sidebar like socialbar?

  • Kori Hill

    We are going to be releasing a couple new sharing surfaces tomorrow that I think you will like, so check back then! Email us if you have any questions –

  • Thank for Add This cause I can colection social bookmark in my blog.

  • I was waiting for that , and I thank you for that .

  • Using the smaller icons, the g+ only says “Send to” but it does not say where to.

  • Google Plus is going to change the way people share thing. The Company behind this project is well known to conquer each part of the game. Thanks for adding this feature :)

  • I have AddThis installed on my WordPress Blog. How do I get a Google +1 button to show up? I have been waiting for almost a month since your announcement to see the button show up.

  • Thanks for the feature :)

  • @ Steve – You’ll have to add using the custom toolbox text box with the buttons you want.

  • I know this tools,let me try it.

  • Paul L

    No. It doesn’t add content to my google+ page via pushing the “add this” button. It only allows me to “plus 1” it. No content.
    Let me know when adding the actual content is a feature.

  • That is how the Google Plus One button should work. Make sure you’re logged into your Google+ account when you click it

  • Edison

    This sharing network will be great if info or data is inclusive.
    After-all, communication is all about sharing & it is part of caring.

  • Very cool tools! Can you also add alexa and rankings for safari?

  • The G+ (+1) button is not on your toolbar, nor can it be added. Its not on the list. Why is that? When will it be added as an option?

    It is also not on the list added by our hosts (Yuku)to the top of our home page. Can it be added? When will it be on the list so that it CAN be added? (see above website link)

  • Hey Steve, until Google Plus One has a public sharing API we won’t be able to put it into the toolbar.

  • Is there any plan to add Google+ to the Follow Us in Labs now that pages are available in Google+?

  • I was waiting for that, google+ content sharing on people profiles is one of the more exciting feature to have because google+ network is growing fast

  • I guess it was to be expected that AddThis would include a Google+ button, but I still haven’t seen G+ take off in a big mainstream way. The really big social media buffs that jump on everything use it, of course, but I still don’t know anyone in person who has a G+ account. Maybe if Google gave the site a facelift so it wasn’t so visually boring? I dunno, I guess for me it just lacks a big game changer feature that makes me feel like I need to use G+.

    Still, it’s time I stop resisting it and just take the plunge with G+, so thanks for adding it to the plugin to make it easier to use.

  • Mike Z.

    Any notifications on browser support?
    Im currently testing with old (but still used) browsers: IE7 and FF3.5, but those version do not seem to display the Google+ buttons at all…
    Anyone experienced problems with this?

  • This is a great addition! When do you think the Google+ button will be available on the toolbar?

  • thanos panagos

    I don’t get it. I ve got Addthis 3.5.8 on my firefox toolbar, but there is no option to share with google+. On the contrary, it gives me the option to share with google buzz!!

  • How do I change this to redirect from my personal page to my business page? Not getting response on the AddThis support page. Thank you.

  • Sara

    I have found this page searching for exactly what Kurt asked. How can you click on Addthis to share via Google+ but change it to your business page as opposed to your personal page?

  • Kamlesh jaiswal

    Why in every post its sharing some default text like
    – The Largest Sharing and Social Data Platform. We Provide Twitter and
    Facebook Buttons, Custom Audience Targeting, and more.”

    i am using>> [AddThisSDK shareURL:@””
    title:@”Hamilton Ring”
    description:@”nice ring.”];
    for sharing on google plus
    any help is very appriciated

  • Hi guys google + is not working on my site:

  • Can you send our support team an email with these details at help [at] addthis [dot] com? They’ll be able to take a close look at your site and assist. Thanks!

  • what is the email address please?

  • Deng Kun

    Hi, Even we are facing the same issue, where content and image is not loading on google plus share page.

  • Can you send our support team an email directly? They can be reached by emailing Thanks!