Address Bar Sharing Available in Chrome

The AddThis Address Bar Sharing Analytics feature is now available with in Chrome versions 14 and above. We can now track copy and paste data from Safari, Firefox and Chrome, which covers 50% of the browser market share.

For those who do not know, Address Bar Sharing Analytics is a feature that measures how often users share your site by copying the URL from their address bar and send it via email. IM or other channels. Getting this data is a great way to understand ALL of your content that is being socialized and better understand where some of that direct traffic is coming from.

Turning on Address Bar Sharing Analytics for your website is super easy and only takes one additional line to your AddThis code:

<script type="text/javascript">
var addthis_config = {"data_track_addressbar":true};

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.

  • micali micheal

    what is it all about?.

  • AVA

    well, so when is it available for IE?

  • Sumon Rahman! Thanks Addthis already installed on my Chrome!!

  • MerchantInc

    Sounds great job! Very excited to getting Addthis on my Chrome. Cool!

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    I use add this on my site bit this is going to great going to install this now!

  • Justin Thorp

    w00t! Finally!

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    wow so so good

  • Toronto airport taxi

    great plugin for social marking. wow wow and outstanding. thanks

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    Awesome thanks :)

  • Ivy

    i have installed in my chrome too,so happy.Thanks :)

  • Nick

    Chrome rocks, AddThis rocks also :)

  • elizabeth

    Hey Micali, Address Bar Sharing Analytics is a new feature that measures how often users share your site by copying the page URL from their address bar and sending it via email, IM or other channels. This type of sharing is often the biggest source of viral traffic to your site but is misreported by traditional site analytics tools as “direct traffic”. Read more about Address Bar Sharing Analytics here.

  • Navigacija

    This is great and What about wordpress plugin?

  • Smart Clean

    This is great news thanks!