AddThis Integrates with Google Social Plugin Analytics

We know many of you out there use Google Analytics to help measure your site traffic and how users explore and engage with your content.  We also know how you rely on AddThis to enable sharing and to provide social analytics for your website.

Over the summer we have been working with Google to integrate AddThis analytics into Google Analytics via their social plugin analytics.  Today the Google Analytics team announced that publishers using AddThis “will now have first class integrations with Social Plugin Analytics.”

For publishers who use Google as their primary source for site analytics, injecting AddThis social insight data into Google Analytics enables you to analyze user interactions from our sharing tools as well as Facebook Like and Twitter Tweet right inside Google’s dashboard.  Of course all of your real-time and rich audience data will still be available in your AddThis dashboard, too.

It is very easy to get AddThis for your site, and even easier to integrate Google Analytics.  Get started today.