Welcome Aboard, XGraph!

We’re excited to announce that Clearspring has acquired XGraph!

XGraph is the leading data science company focused on modeling web-wide connections between people.  Clearspring’s scalable data processing and massive reach via AddThis coupled with XGraph’s technology create the largest multi-graph platform on the open web—mapping 1.2 billion user’s connections by brand affiliation, intent and social behavior.

The social graph, the data structure that maps the connections we have with our friends, has taken the web by storm.  This has proven to be a powerful platform, but this single graph only represents one dimension of how we are connected to one another.   XGraph not only models these social connections, but also multiple other types of connections such as how we are related by brand affiliations, intent and more.  This is the multi-graph.

With our new multi-graph platform, Clearspring has a truly differentiated capability to deliver powerful results to our publishers and advertisers. For publishers, we will use this graph platform to enable deeper audience insight, monetization and actionable data products in the near future.  And, that’s just the beginning.

Thank you, as always, to our customers, partners and investors for making this possible. Welcome XGraph into the Clearspring family!