Track Your StumbleUpon Clicks with AddThis Analytics

StumbleUpon is one of the most popular sharing services on AddThis and can be an important driver of new traffic to your site. Now you can use AddThis analytics to track the number of clicks to your content from StumbleUpon, also known as “Stumbles”.

Just like our Facebook, and Twitter integrations, you do not need to make any changes to start receiving StumbleUpon data. StumbleUpon stats are shown on the Content Detail page of the associated story, which you can find by clicking on any piece on content in your Analytics dashboard or from the Content tab.

If you have any feedback or requests for other 3rd party tracking services you would like to see in the AddThis Analytics, please post in the comments below or email us.

  • Torkona

    Awesome! My site has random stumbles with people adding their blogs. Love to know where they are coming from becuase it’s not me, it’s the people that add their own blogs to my site for exposure.

    So it just appears in the sidebar?

    – tork

  • deals extra

    Just checked it out. I have 5 stumbles this week, woohoo =)

  • jonathan

    OK — but what’s the short code for the SU button with a counter so that people don’t have to click the [+] button?

    Also — when are you going to release a REDDIT share counter button too?

    [wordpress CMS user, AddThis owns, love the service]

  • Sumon Rahman

    Thank you for your wonderful post! It has long been extremely insightful. Almost I stumbled this!

  • Sumon Rahman

    wow! one of my friend loves my review about Addthis which one I wrote on my Blog and already he installed Addthis on his website !! Are you Installed?

  • Mary

    I am new to social madia and don’t know what somethings are, or how to work in it. I am sure your stumbe upon analitics is great and I intend to use it. Would appreciate plain text info. Thanks.

  • iraqlocker

    thanks for this subject

  • Nick

    I am a bit surprised about Addthis didn’t do that before :). Thanks for adding this feature!

  • YuchengLiu

    thats so great!and I use Addthis all the time. Really thanks!

  • Aashin

    this media will be the next generation thank you for information

  • elizabeth

    We don’t have a StumbleUpon button with a counter, but we’re working on one. If enough people request it we’ll include a Reddit button, too!

  • Nicholas

    is this some kind of code that would be embedded on your site in order to track things like the google analytics tools?

  • Jordan

    I don’t see it yet. :(

  • Rupert Sellinger

    I have been in the same situation before. It is not as easy an answer as you think it is, its something that you will have to write out for yourself over time.

  • Tony

    What is the code for Stumble Upon button with the counters?

  • Tony

    Found the answer to my own question, for others seeking the SU badge counter code.