Social Activity during the Super Bowl Up 143% YoY! What was the Internet Buzzing About?

If our pre-game analysis was any indication of fan-base, the majority of the nation is happy with last night’s outcome. We analyzed millions of data points to bring you some highlights of the social activity that took place while the New York Giants took on the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI. Activity was at an all-time high and amazingly, mobile sharing was up 500% from last year. Check out some of the online behavior that the game, commercials and performances inspired.

Bridgestone, Pepsi and Budweiser saw huge spikes in interest in their brand during the game. Anhueser-Busch ran four different ads, but you can see the final “Here Weego” spot had the biggest impact.

Interest is based on an analytics of related shares, clicks and searches:

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As for the performances, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that M.I.A.’s much talked about obscene gesture had the most sustained interest throughout the 4th quarter and even after the game. Cee Lo wins for generating overall most interest.

Entertainment Graph
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Doritos, Budweiser and Teleflora were the big winners in terms of percentage lift in brand interest. Below you can see the lift in clicks, shares and searches for each brand relative to the day before Super Bowl.

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Looks like Canada was more interested in Madonna than the US! This intensity map illustrates the scale of interest in Madonna due to her flashy halftime show.

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And, finally, this map shows a geographic break down of interest in Budweiser brands in the US. Bud’s got some big fans in Colorado it seems. Maybe the folks in WV and KY need a little elbow in the ribs.

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Some other great stats are around where all the activity was taking place:

  • Sharing via mobile was up 500% from last year
  • Overall sharing was up 143% from last year
  • Shares to and Clicks from Twitter was up 116% from last year
  • Shares to and Clicks from Tumblr was up 615% from last year
  • Shares to and Clicks from Facebook was up 18% from last year

Shares to and Clicks from Email were down 16% from last year

It seems Internet users are drifting away from email for much of their social correspondence and interacting more and more on social networks… and on mobile. Food for thought!

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