Web Intents Design Push in Brighton, UK

As Director of User Experience for AddThis I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in design-related events and collaborate with other creative professionals. This week I’ll be attending the Web Intents Design Push in Brighton, UK with design and development leads from Mozilla, Google Chrome, and the W3C.

A Design Push brings designers and technologists together to collaborate on a variety of technologies. For this first Design Push, we’ll be working on Web Intents, which make it easier for site operators to offer visitors a more personalized way to interact with content.

Derived from a similar specification used by Android mobile phones, Web Intents determine what kind of actions (“share”, “save”, etc.) a user might want to perform on an object (a page, a picture), and which methods that particular user prefers. The group will focus on the various user experience and technical challenges specific to these kinds of interactions.

As we’ve built AddThis and OExchange, we’ve pursued similar goals in order to provide social tools that meet the needs that publishers have said they care most about:

  • Easy installation and customization of in-page tools
  • Performance, reliability, and security of any 3rd party tool
  • Increased traffic and audience via optimization and personalization
  • Support for rich embedded experiences offered by services like Facebook and Twitter such as Like and Follow
  • Comprehensive tracking and reporting
  • Opportunities for promotion and monetization

I’m looking forward to exploring ways that Web Intents can help publishers achieve these kinds of goals. Also, I’d like to extend our thanks to event organizers Glenn Jones, Andy Dennis, and Danny Hope for the invitation. If you’d like to follow the day’s activities on Twitter, we’ll be using the hashtag #pushwebintents.