Turning on Text Copy Tracking for Blogger and WordPress

If you are a user of the AddThis plugin for Blogger or WordPress, by the end of the month, we will be turning on a recently launched feature called text copy tracking in our AddThis sharing tool. This feature will give you awesome insight into keywords that your audience is copying from your content to their clipboards. Your audiences’ copies will show up in your analytics live view. You may have a few questions about text copy tracking so below we have some answers to common questions about click back tracking.


What is Text Copy Tracking?

Text Copy Tracking is a new feature that measures the text users copy to their clipboards from your site. We do not track what users do with these copied keywords, but it is likely that many are put into a search engine. These keywords should give you a better idea of your audience’s specific interests and reveal opportunities to keep users engaged with your site. For privacy reasons, we omit any copies that appear to be a URL, an email address, or a phone number. You can use it on any page, but it will only be active for site visitors who are using a supported browser.


Do I need to upgrade my AddThis plugin to get text copy tracking?

No, we will be able to push this change automatically, all you have to do is sit back and start watching your analytics live view. If you want to turn off text copytracking you will have to update to the latest AddThis plugin for either Blogger or WordPress.


What happens if I want to turn off copy text tracking?

We understand some users may not want this feature, and we will still give users a way to disable text copy tracking. If you are a WordPress user make sure you have installed the latest version, 2.3.2 or greater, you can find the text copy track preference under the AddThis settings’ Advanced tab. On Blogger, if you installed our gadget you can check the box to opt out of text copy tracking via the settings page. For our Blogger widget you need to edit the code in the widget to include the addthis_config and set data_track_textcopy to false.

As always feedback is appreciated via comments below.