Watching the Trends at South by Southwest 2012

SxSW Spotlight

AddThis tracked what was hot at the Super Bowl and the Oscars, and now it’s time to spot what’s trending at the South by Southwest conference in Austin, TX.  We’ve got the up-to-date scoop of which startups are buzzing and more on our SxSW Spotlight, powered by data from the AddThis network of over 12 million domains.

Over the next twelve days we’ll be highlighting what people are sharing, searching for, and saying as they enjoy music, movies, and technology at this exciting event. Greg Cypes, our Director of Product, is on the ground in Austin as he has been for eight previous SxSW conferences.

Look for him and the rest of the Clearspring/AddThis crew attending the event – we’d love to see you. The best way to reach us is to tweet at our SxSW twitter account: @AddThisSxSW.

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