100 Years Later, The Titanic is Far from Forgotten

Yesterday morning, around 2:20am, marked the 100 year anniversary of Titanic slipping below the ocean’s surface. But even today – 3 years after the last survivor died – the fated ship, her story and the story of those onboard, is a source of constant fascination and curiosity, spawning thousands of articles and blog posts.

The AddThis data reflects the buzz around the ship, seeing spikes in interest on both Saturday and Sunday – the anniversary of Titanic hitting the iceberg and then sinking, respectively. It also brings to mind the channels in which the tales are being shared – through social mediums still decades away from being discovered in 1912.


  • We saw a spike Tuesday on 100th anniversary of the launch of the Titanic and due to a number of television specials about the famous voyage. Overall we had a great spike of >100% over the weekend.


  • Facebook dominated as the service to deliver and receive articles about the Titanic. Stories ranged from tales of survival and heroism about those aboard the fated ship to recent scientific theories in how she actually went down.

  • The map shows the geographic interest intensity for the United States. Rhode Island most likely appears dark because of this popular story about two pro tennis players, Richard Norris Williams II and Karl Howell Behr, who both survived the sinking and went on to play against each other. The Tennis Hall of Fame and Museum located in Newport had a “Tennis and the Titanic” exhibit as a tribute to Hall of Famers.