New Follow Buttons, Including Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram

Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram and FourSquare have all been added as options in the AddThis Follow tools. They join the already available Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Flickr, LinkedIn and Vimeo buttons. It is now easier than ever to promote your various social channels on your site and encourage visitors to follow your brand.

As with all our tools, we want to give you insight into how the buttons are performing, so make sure you sign up for the AddThis analytics to see which channels your users are going to and even more than that – which pages on your site are actually generating the followers.

If you have any questions, please feel free to head to our support page and we’ll help you get some answers.

  • How do I update my AddThis Firefox toolbar to include these?

    Also, what about Google+?

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  • Jeremiah

    How come the twitter follow icon doesn’t go to the actual twitter account? It just shows your photo and like a few tweets and little info not the whole thing.

  • C

    The buttons do not even show up for me at all. Nor does the code snippet on the AddThis ‘Follow Us’ page for the button builder. None of this makes sense.

  • @C Send us an email to help[at]addthis[dot]com so we can take a look!

  • Awesome, more and more features. Way to go addthis. Thanks for bringing all gr8 stuff.

  • anything in the pipeline for flickr?

  • Hi Emma, we’ve got a Flickr follow button available! Here’s where you can find it:

  • Nice icons! ;)

  • JP

    The Instagram button is not a “Follow” button at all, it just links to the profile. Kind of a misleading title when I was searching for an instagram “Follow” button… For anyone else looking for this issue, has a button which actually follows the person.

  • Sol

    Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t provide a one-click Follow solution (yet). The Instagram Follow button works exactly like the official button you would get from the Instagram site. In the future, if they provide a one-click solution, we’ll be sure to implement it. I would caution the use of the button on the site you linked to since it is a third-party app not provided by Instagram that requires access to your profile/followers to Follow someone. But thanks for the feedback, we’ll definitely update you if we get the one-click solution working.

  • Lhay

    same with mine

  • giulia

    How can I add the instagram button? and why twitter follow goes to your prifiles and not mine?

  • When you register for an AddThis account (, select one of the Follow button sets you’d like to add to your site. Then, when you click “settings” you can add the URLs for any of the networks you’d like to show up on your site. This will connect your visitors to your profiles. If you need more clarification, send us an email to and we’ll walk you through it. :)

  • Mackenzie

    What is the triangle next to the following button mean. People says it means their accounts won’t get deleted, others say that it means their the real deal, the real ligit account of celebs, but then why do a bunch of my friends have it who clearly aren’t celebrites?

  • Sorry, we’re not understanding. Can you clarify?

  • wevster

    Can you tell if Addthis support youtube button please?

  • Yes, we do.

  • wevster

    But I cant find it, when I setup a vertical social buttons, I did not see this button.

  • If you’re setting up the Vertical Follow Buttons, you’ll see that you can either add a YouTube User URL or a YouTube Channel URL.

  • Dawn Felps-Brister

    I have Online Store from Godaddy and I have Twitter and Facebook on there but it wont let me edit to add pinterest. Please help

  • Hi Dawn, please email and we can assist. Thanks!

  • Tanveer Ali

    wow Great tool admin,thanks for it

  • DanInDeep

    My client’s legal department has compared the icons & buttons offered by AddThis to the brand guidelines for each of the social media sites, and have found some to be noncompliant (that is, the look of the logo mark differs from they way the trademarks are described in their brand manual). What is AddThis’s take on this, and what documentation could be supplied to alleviate client concerns?

  • Hi Dan, our apologies for the delayed response – great question. Because our tools are used on millions of different websites, they need to provide a clear, simple and consistent experience supporting hundreds of social network options, regardless of the particular site context in which they may be used. We’ve worked hard to strike a balance between providing a cohesive and efficient product experience to our customers while maintaining the spirit and integrity of each of the various networks’ brand guidelines. We’re happy to address any questions or concerns a particular social network might bring to our attention.

  • Ronaldo Steve

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  • Richter

    Huh, so many features to gain followers. But it is easier to use special services for it. For example zen-promo com that finds followers for you among the real Instagram users in a chosen city.

  • Good tool, somehow most of stats are showing for stumbleupon but this does not match with my Google Analytics stats.

  • Could you email our support team at help [at] addthis [dot] com? We’ll need a few more details in order to assist. Thanks!

  • Sure, Thank for your reply. will get in touch with support.