We’ve Got a Mother’s Day-Load of Data!

It’s May and you know what that means … it’s the month of moms! Mother’s Day 2012 falls this year on Sunday the 13th.

Have you gotten the most important lady in your life a gift yet? Or are you a typical procrastinator? Maybe you even forgot and this blog post is reminding you! Well, if that’s the case, we’ve got some great (and not-so great) gift ideas, all thanks to the AddThis data. Check it out …

  • First, we have a tag cloud of the top social activity related to Mother’s Day from the first week of May:
(Click all images for larger version)

If we can make a suggestion, maybe don’t get her something that is solely “printable”. (Unless it’s a cute kid’s craft, then you get a pass.)

  • The moms who raised planners (cough::overachievers) who were looking for gifts on May 1st might expect some of the following:

Unfortunately, they still raised some cheapskates with the terms “inexpensive” and “cheap gift ideas”. Or smart penny pinchers! It’s the thought that counts, right?

  • Can you smell the roses already? Moms living in Virginia and Missouri should expect flowers more than the madres living in Oregon based on our geographic map of interest intensity. Maybe the Oregonians will get something more original, like a bouquet of cinnamon buns!


  • Finally, odds are our favorite ladies are getting flowers that were purchased on Monday May 7th. Also, according to the data the flowers will be pink or yellow. Pretty!

In all seriousness, we love moms and we will be celebrating them this weekend. Go out and get her something nice because she deserves it!