Having Long Lead in Social, Chrome Now Dominates Web Traffic

Yesterday, The Next Web reported that Chrome has surpassed Internet Explorer as the web’s most used browser. This continues a trend we’ve been watching since Chrome became the dominant browser for social users in February of this year.

(Click for larger version)

The data in this graph is presented with the percentage breakdown of browser use in the AddThis network.  IE and Chrome show a clear pattern where IE gets a higher percentage of traffic during the week but Chrome dominates the weekends.  As Chrome’s popularity increases it will be interesting to see what System Administrators do when their users start demanding Chrome in the workplace. While Chrome and IE battle each other for the top position, Firefox’s percentage of traffic is essentially flat. This may be the result of Firefox’s penetration into the workplace market and loyal user base.

Overall, the rise of Chrome in the past 6 months is impressive. The Google browser, first launched in 2008, surpassed Firefox on the AddThis network in November of last year, as we highlighted in our 2011 Sharing Trends.

With just-released data from Statcounter, it looks like Chrome is now winning the desktop browser wars. The milestone even made the browser’s Wikipedia page (clearly the measurement of all things being officially official). This news is an especially exciting development with all of the recent announcements surrounding Web Intents, which Chrome has already included in its latest release.

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