Open Source at AddThis

If you have followed this blog in the past, you know that AddThis has worked to lead the way with open standards like OExchange and Web Intents. What you might not know is the engineers at AddThis are also leading the way with Open Source Software.

This month we sponsored the Second Annual Open Source Software BBQ in Washington, DC.  Four local open source meetups, WordPress DC, DC PHP, jQuery DC, and DC Droids came together to celebrate open source software with some delicious pulled pork and an array of sides. In the past we have also sponsored individual open source meetups that focus on other open source projects including Cassandra and regularly host and sponsor the Big Data DC meetup which often discusses Open Source Software.

Members of the AddThis team eating BBQ and chatting about Open Source

In addition to supporting the local open source communities, the engineers at AddThis contribute to many open source projects, both the popular and the obscure.  WordPress, GNU Emacs, CLISP, and Apache Kafka are some of the best known projects that we have contributed to.

If that isn’t enough, the Stream-Lib, MetricCatcher, Phetric, and TracBoard projects all have grown from work we do at AddThis and have been made available to the larger development community.  Checkout our github account to see some of the things we are working on now.

If working on open source software and open standards interests you, checkout out our job openings.