New Social Plugins for WordPress

It’s Friday and we’re celebrating with the addition of two plugins to our AddThis for WordPress social offerings! These plugins are designed to help increase engagement and brand presence for your site or blog AND they’re easy to install — it’s win-win all around! Check it:

1. Follow: Do you have a Facebook fan page, a Twitter handle, a Pinterest board or other external channels for your brand? (A silly question, really.) Want a simple way to aggregate these channels for your most loyal subjects to keep up with you? Grab our easy-to-install Follow buttons and place them on your WordPress site. Don’t limit yourself to Facebook and Twitter – we have LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and more.

2. Welcome bar: Want to give your users a big “HOWDY HO!” welcome when they land on your site and encourage them to share the page? What if you knew they were coming in from Twitter and wanted them to “follow” you? Install our handy dandy Welcome bar plugin and create action and engagement from users as soon as they come to your pages. Here’s a Welcome bar greeting visitors from the New York Times:

Some other great ways to leverage the Welcome bar:

  • Highlight specific content
  • Identify new vs. returning guests; encourage returning visitors to follow your blog
  • Offer discounts or coupons, if applicable
  • Pump up a current site promotion or contest
  • Cross-promote with a friend’s blog or charitable site you support

In addition to these new plugins we have also increased the performance and added some new hooks to allow publishers to more easily change the behavior of our popular AddThis for WordPress sharing plugin. You can see examples of how to use these hooks here.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding these new tools and as always, we love feedback/suggestions/high fives, etc. Our community is our most valuable asset and we want to hear from YOU.