AddThis Hackathon Summer 2012 is Underway!

Coders crack your fingers, on your keyboards, ready, set, GO! It’s Hackathon time — one of our favorite pastimes here at AddThis.

What is a Hackathon exactly? Hackathons are our 24-hour full-team sprints of innovation.  Individuals can work alone or as part of teams. The only real rules are:

  1. The projects have to have something loosely to do with AddThis.
  2. They should be compelling.
  3. And finally, they must be built and demoed within 24 hours!

Not only are Hackathons a great way to reinforce the importance of teamwork, but some amazing products and tools have been born out of the tradition.

Keep checking in on our Twitter account, where we’ll be live tweeting photos and other fun  behind-the-scenes Hackathon action! Here are some early snapshots:

Look at all that collaboration! We love it!