What Not to Wear: Olympic Edition

You didn’t think the Olympics were just about athletics, did you? Called the “Global Runway for Designers” by The Washington Post, Olympic fashion has been a hot topic leading into the opening ceremonies. From Australia’s inspired, gold-lined jackets to Spain’s unenthusiastic reaction to their new design, there’s no shortage of style commentary.

Naturally, we turned to our network to see what US Olympic Uniforms were inspiring on our network in terms of social interest here at home. This is what we found looking at social shares, mentions, searches and clicks.

In the U.S., we were hoping for more of a focus on ‘berets,’ but people are clearly more interested in the controversy related to where uniforms are made. Top content reveals research into who is paying for uniforms, how much they cost and where they’re made.

Still, it’s not all business. There has been activity around looking for photos and, well, calling the uniforms ugly. We can all see for ourselves during Opening Ceremony this Friday.

Check back once the Games have begun for our regular updates and hot trending topics.