Hilton Grabs the Silver, McDonalds Medals on Olympic Brand Scorecard

It’s Day 2 of our social brand analysis of Olympic sponsors and things are shaking up already!

Chobani took home the first Gold yesterday and they’re staying strong. The Chobani Champions campaign  continues to have the greatest social mentions across the web as we head into Opening Ceremonies. Maybe this had something to do with their 40% rise in social mentions yesterday?

Hilton takes the Silver today, breaking into the top 5 with a 13% increase in mentions. And where Chobani stayed flat, they saw an 8% increase in media write-ups and 150+ new followers. Looks like folks do Support the Dream! McDonald’s jumps up on the podium today, too, winning today’s Bronze medal for social mentions.

Rounding out the top 5, Samsung and Visa aren’t to be overlooked. Samsung is coming in hot capturing more than 6,000 new Twitter followers yesterday. And, the public is still showing Visa a lot of love as they hold on to their place in the top 5. See here for more detail on how and what we’re tracking.

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