US Women’s Soccer Buzzing with Abby/Alex, on Schedules, and in South Dakota

Before the Games, women’s soccer fired up the US social networks.  Since 9 of the 11 starters for the US team have Twitter accounts, we shouldn’t be surprised.

Looking at the tag cloud for yesterday’s first rounds, we see that as the bracket gets started, US social users are most interested in how to see it: the schedule, the bracket, and live streaming.  Of course, there is also the critical reference to hotties.

Then, with a 4-2 victory, it’s interesting to look at the two forwards of the team – Abby Wambach and Alex Morgan.  Before the game started Alex Morgan was the dominant term being mentioned, but when Abby Wambach scored the first goal for the US at minute 19, mentions of her fired up sharers.

And looking at geography, South Dakota and Wyoming are particularly excited for the women’s soccer to get started.

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