Nike Continues to Inspire Amid Controversy, Win Their First Gold

Nike, not an official sponsor of the games this year, managed to grab the first place spot in our Olympics brand race daily scorecard yesterday. They’ve caused some controversy in the advertising space, with many people claiming they are not so subtly trying to represent themselves as an official sponsor. But they aren’t breaking any rules and it’s clear that their campaign has inspired the social world!

McDonalds and Samsung came in second and third, respectively.

Overall though, an interesting downward trend seemed to happen across the board. Does this suggest that the people who watch Olympics commercials and then decide to follow the brands they like have already done so? How can these brands continue to grab viewers’ attention and maintain a steady stream of followers during such a massive, international event?

We’ll be watching this trend, as well as many others, so be sure to keep checking into the Olympics scorecard.