VP Biden beats President Obama in social mentions across Web

Sadly, the national convention season is over for the next four years, but at least, we still have data to remember it by and the promise of the next 60 days worth of election sprinting.

Last night, the first question was whether Vice President Biden’s impassioned speech or the President’s drove more interest in the Socialsphere.  In looking at public social comments on it’s Social TV scorecard, Bluefin Labs showed that the President won easily with 53K public comments per minute.  But at AddThis, we track social comments across 350 global social services (from email to Tumblr, from Twitter to Pinterest) and the result was different – Biden beat Obama in social mentions across the Web.  Some commentators noted that Biden’s comments were more impactful than the President’s, and our data from the Socialsphere backs that up.  We also saw that unlike when President Clinton spoke, where there was 70% more tweets than Facebook updates, last night was even between the two platforms.

Looking at where the President got the most social mentions, we see that the East Coast of the US was 3X more interested in Obama’s speech than the South and Midwest.  Interesting to note that the battleground states of North Carolina and Virginia were particularly fired up.

As for what people were commenting on – topics covered the usual gamut: polls, the President’s church, his kids, salary, and Matt Damon (?).

And to answer some questions from the above…No, the President was not in a fraternity.  His salary is $400K a year.  He is 6 feet, 1 inches tall.  And he quit smoking a year ago.

More election data coming soon from us…  Want to get this data for your own site?  Time to get AddThis’s social plugins and analytics.