PennApps 2012

Joe Sullivan and I are headed down to Philadelphia today for Penn Apps 2012, an awesome bi-annual 48-hour hackathon for university students, run by Penn students themselves. There’s thousands of dollars in prizes, not to mention mentors from sponsors like us, Facebook, Google, Dropbox, Mongo, Mozilla, the New York Times, Quora, Zappos, and more. They’ll even reimburse your bus fare (which is extra rad since the price of a ticket from New York has risen substantially from the $5 I paid as an undergrad).

This session is already completely full, but there’s a waiting list for student hackers, and the next PennApps is just six months away. (All developers in the area are invited to come by to help advise teams in their areas of expertise.)

If you’re a student looking for help, or live in Philly and just want to meet your friendly local AddThis developers, please drop me a line or send a tweet (@itsjoesullivan or @keesan)! We’re excited to be sponsoring our first university hackathon.