Service Outage

We had a network outage for several hours yesterday afternoon (US time).  Our buttons continued to serve into web pages but sharing was down and our website, analytics, and web services were unavailable.  We truly apologize for the outage.  We want to be a critical part of your social infrastructure and we can’t keep your trust unless our service is always available.  We take this responsibility very seriously.  The root cause was an administrative error by one of our service providers and we’ve made changes to reduce the risk of further network outages.

  • Come now, how can we be mad when you guys are up & awesome 99% of the time?

    Btw, the new popup box looks better… as Stephen Colbert recently joked, you’ve “cornered the market!”

  • Seems like counters still do not update properly… And Live View shows normal activity.

  • Quick solved, thank you.

  • Don’t Click

    What is the meaning of “The root”?

  • Hasanoğlu Kına Malzemeleri

    Thank you for giving me the confidence.