Emmys Winners on the Social Web: Modern Family, Poehler, Apple

Here at AddThis, we were understandably riveted by both the dresses and the awards at last night’s Emmy Awards, but we took our eyes off the TV to see what sharing and social engagement would tell us.  First, we found out a few things about the show overall…

  • Devices: As many people commented and shared on the Emmys on their iPads and iPhones as all other device combined.
  • Geography: In the 8pm hour, twice as many people talked about the Emmys in California as the rest of the nation.
  • Pinterest!: Thanks to the Emmy Red Carpet fashion, sharing on Pinterest was 10% higher last night versus the average Sunday night.  People are pinning their favorite outfits and hair styles.  Leading the way was Elisabeth Moss with her platinum blonde hair…
  • Entertainment value: Over 75% of people did not find Jimmy Kimmel’s opening speech funny (ouch…), and ‘Not funny’ was the most common words associated with Tracy Morgan lying down on stage.

In looking at the awards themselves, the winners on screen understandably spiked online. Modern Family led all shows with social mentions in the first hour, followed by 2 and Half Men and Girls.  Homeland and Game Change also had big spikes, but there was a great geographical divide on Homeland v. Breaking Bad.  People mentioning Homeland were more likely to be east coasters while Breaking Bad was more popular with people living on the West Coast.  Before the Emmys, social mentions of Breaking Bad were 50% less in the Midwest than the rest of the country.

As for the topics and people who generated the most shares at the Emmys, you can see Amy Poehler at the top.  Before the Emmys, Tina Fey received a ton of Emmys social buzz, and the comments happened on Twitter vs. Facebook (56% more Tina Fey buzz on Twitter vs. Facebook).  Tina’s former co-star on SNL, Amy Poehler, is the exact opposite; social buzz for Amy Poehler was 65% more likely to happen on Facebook versus Twitter.

Because we look across more than 330 different social services, we can compare sharing platforms to see the most valuable service for a given article, and we noticed twice as many social mentions happened on Twitter versus Facebook.  The peak moment for social mentions for the Emmys was during the red carpet, interest declined each hour after the red carpet.  The top social services used to share Emmys content was Twitter.  Most importantly, football did lose to the Emmys last night.

As for me, I was most interested in Mr. Mad Men himself – Jon Hamm.  There may have been a Mad Men shutout, but Jon Hamm dominates Facebook.  Mr. Hamm got 8 shares on Facebook for every share he received on all other social networks.

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