First Presidential Debate in the Books

Last night, in Denver, CO, President Obama faced off against Governor Romney in the first presidential debate.  While Facebook and Twitter existed in 2008, wide adoption of each platform had not yet occurred.  Last night was the first presidential debate where having your Twitter stream open while watching the debate was a prerequisite.

Social Recap
If you followed the live tweets we did during the debate, we mentioned that leading up to the start of the debate twice as much sharing was happening on Facebook over Twitter.


Once the debate started, that completely flipped where 66% of all sharing for the debate was on Twitter.


Top Social Moment
The top social moment during the debate occurred at 9:51PM ET when the candidates began to discuss Medicare. In second place was the moment Big Bird was mentioned at 9:44P ET.

Measuring Social Mentions
The results of the debate are subject to opinion and each candidate’s representative in the spin room afterward. Of course we could just go to the data, which does not lie. Prior to the debate last night, Obama held a sizeable lead in social mentions in east of the Mississippi River.
Once the debate ended, Romney had clearly changed the narrative and took a commanding lead in social mentions.
More concerning for the Obama team might be the sentiment scores from last night’s debate. Obama’s sentiment scores had been trending more positive since the Libyan Consulate attack, culminating with a large part of the country having positive sentiment prior to last night’s debate.
Now compare that to this morning…

We have three debates to go, one Vice Presidential debate next week and two Presidential debates where we will dissect the data to see how each candidate performed.